Shortlisted for the Bridport Prize

I am delighted to announce that my short story ‘Energy’ has been shortlisted for the prestigious Bridport Prize – I can be found somewhere here!

Godinheaven. The car’s assaulting your senses, taking them over, torrent of colour, noise, it grips you and shakes you. Brake and your brain tries to escape through your eyesockets. You’re way behind the car. By Chapel corner, you’re with the car. No, you are the car. Stowe. Long blast to the right and you’re in paradise. Driving all these years but you’ve never felt it until now. The changes are already taking place, in your blood, in your gut. In your soul.

Oh, we can measure the physical stuff. The effect of lateral G on internal organs as you corner. Acceleration and deceleration on your circulatory system. Vibration, heat, sound. But that doesn’t do it. The change comes from somewhere else. Punching you into another world. Through grey clouds into brightness.

It’s a cold day back on Earth, not ideal at all, but the lap record breaks before the suspension does. They strap you into another car, and you do the same again, you little superstar.

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