Stories and Articles

Short stories, essays and non-fiction

Sailing aboard a square-rigger – the stuff tales are spun from – The experience of being a would-be nautical writer aboard a square rigger at sea for the first time

Eighteen-eighty – Fiction; on the clipper ship Cutty Sark

The Bishop and The Crystal – Fiction; inspired by Robert Browning’s ‘The Bishop Orders His Tomb At St Praxed’s Church’

The Ascent – free story to download, posted to mark the anniversary of the first successful climb of the north face of the infamous Eiger in the Swiss Alps

The Once and Future Arthur – The mythical King Arthur’s role in the British identity through history

The frigate in literature – what has the most swashbuckling of warships added to sea fiction over the years?

The Chase – Fiction; a photo reconnaissance pilot flies for his life

The Whitsuntide Mummers – Fiction; a newcomer in an Eastern European village falls foul of an ancient ritual

The Shipping Forecast – a series of tales inspired by the BBC Radio 4 weather reports for the British coast

Blue Skies – a tribute to a pilot killed in a flying accident in 2007, and the inspiration behind the story

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