The fiction writing of Matthew Willis

Matt Willis is a writer, journalist and historian. His first novel, Daedalus and the Deep, was published in 2013.

‘…She lanced up through the fluid atmosphere, out of the homedepth, towards the unknown sky. Her body was utterly straight, the pace of her upward motion imparted by rippling fins on her flanks.

At first it was easy. The pressure below forced her upward, and the thinning atmosphere above was softer to penetrate. For hours she continued, never deviating or slowing. Her long snout parted the surrounding ether, which spun past her slender form. The undulations of her fins corkscrewed the diffusing fluid, which was quickly pressed back into an inanimate mass after her passing.

The light had grown until it burned around her… but through the intensity she saw a solid, glittering sheet encompassing the whole sky. The glow of the upper atmosphere did nothing to prepare her for the edge of space.’

Read more about Daedalus and the Deep here

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Matthew has also co-edited the short story collection A Seeming Glass, published 2014

‘How can I read the futures if I cannot see your skin?’

Six mysterious swans glide on a holographic pond in a totalitarian capital city. A terrified girl awaits her part in a ritual that could change the future… and the past. A dancer in ancient Jerusalem mourns her maimed sister and prepares for the performance of her life. A sword of legend sends its wielder back through the fiercest battles in history. A freshly qualified vampire hunter experiences the practical side of his vocation. Fourteen Intriguing, dramatic, humorous and unsettling tales, inspired by existing stories and reflecting the breadth of storytelling from Greek myth to Hammer Horror, via fairy tales and Arthurian legend.

Buy A Seeming Glass at Amazon, or visit the Random Writers website

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