Free short story – ‘Parchment’

On this day in 1939, the famous Anglo-Saxon treasure from the Sutton Hoo burial ground was unearthed, changing the way we think about the Saxons forever.

In honour of the anniversary, the short story Parchment, a tale exploring the origins of the epic Beowulf, the life of King Hraedwald, and how the Sutton Hoo treasure came to its resting place, is available


If you enjoyed this story, and would like to read more tales of Saxon England, you might like to try the Oath and Crown duology – first book out, second book released September 2018

Parchment first appeared in the Random Writers anthology Something Rich and Strange: The Past is Prologue, available on Amazon for 99p as a Kindle or £8.49 for a (very attractive) paperback

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