Daedalus and the Deep novel published

I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel, Daedalus and the Deep. The novel was published by Fireship Press on Kindle on 30 June, and will appear in paperback soon.

For Midshipman Colyer of the corvette HMS Daedalus, life is a constant struggle. The cadet officer is faced with savage pirates in the South China Sea, a frustrated and erratic Captain and a perfectionist First Lieutenant. As if that wasn’t enough, Colyer has to guard a personal secret at all costs.

The voyage of the Daedalus takes a stranger turn when the ship encounters a bizarre creature in the South Atlantic – a giant sea-serpent, previously thought to exist only in myth. The Daedalus is plunged into a headlong pursuit of the creature in the name of science and personal glory, and to turn around the fortunes of a previously unlucky crew. But as the quest plunges further into the cold wastes of the Southern Ocean and becomes ever more dangerous, Colyer begins to wonder just who is hunting who. The sea-serpent’s purpose could turn out to be more sinister than anyone on board the Daedalus imagined.

The novel is based on a real, historical encounter. In 1848, officers from Daedalus, including the Captain and First Lieutenant, reported sighting a large sea serpent off St Helena. Reports appeared in the illustrated press. Such sightings were not especially rare – the following year, the sloop HMS Plumper recorded a remarkably similar encounter in the North Atlantic. Nevertheless, the giant sea serpent has remained elusive to science.

Daedalus and the Deep is an exploration of what might have happened had one of the ships involved not been content with merely recording the strange creature. An historical novel with a dash of fantasy, readers are presented with the consequences of a clash of worlds on both men and creature.

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